For The Children

Here is a new video on Youtube: "For the Children round the World". It is my Christmas present to the children of this world. The song is composed by M.A. Lee and Sigrid Beuting.

Lead Vocals: Maurice Allen Lee & Nicole Schaffelke 

For The Children Round The World - Lyrics

Verse 1
Don't give up when you feel you've got no Chance
And the older generation disappoints you
Hold on to the hand of Faith and Love 
And you will overcome

This is for the Children ‚round the World
In every land for every boy and girl
Keep believing in your dreams
The future's in your hands
This is for the Children ‚ round the world 

Verse 2
Theres no place too far no river too wide
Nothing is impossible for you
There is no mountain too high to climb
If youre reaching for the stars 

The time has come so raise your voices
Under every sun
Hope and Love we celebrate you
Hand in Hand with our song   with our song

Repeat Refrain
Yo kids are an heritage of the Lord
It dont matter bout their color if their big or small
So let's give’m a hand  c'mon  let’s show' m the way 
We're gonna get out of life exactly what we make 

Repeat Refrain 

All around the world